General Aims of the Project

e-Motion pictures project involves students fromfour different countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey and Poland. 

When the project was at its beginning, all partners were asked to focus on the principal aims it should reach and as a result the working team agreed on the following:

1. Making students get in touch with their partners around Europe, making them conscious about other social realities.

2. Promote long-term cooperation among schools and relationships among students, through exchange programmes.

3. Create work environments to deal with ICT in a creative and critical way, learning digital tools to produce, transform and publish digital media including moving images and sound. Discussing the free software environment.

4. Thinking about social consequences related to Visual Media.

5. Improving practice and knowledge of foreign languages, especially English.

6. Discussing about each educational system, finding ways to improve teaching experiences, propose new work lines.


Our Logo

The choice of the logo was not an easy task. Each school organized a competition and selected the best works. These works were then uploaded to the “eTwinning” platform and during our first mobility to Italy all students were asked to vote. With a great majority, the choice fell on the most representative one.